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In 1999, a handful of methadone clients got together after realizing that there was a need for some sort of group to provide support and information for people on methadone. With the help of VANDU, a group started that would help methadone users, by providing the means and location to get together in order to support each other. The members could meet regularly and exchange information on all aspects of life as a methadone user, whether it be by exchanging personnel stories or by providing & researching information on users rights, medical and/or legal issues.

If you are now using methadone or considering it as an alternative to heroin, live in Vancouver, and would like more information on methadone use or just want to talk to others who know what you’re going through, then come & check us out at one of our meetings every Wednesday afternoon at 2pm at 380 East Hastings St., Vancouver (VANDU office).

We can clarify myths and misinformation on methadone such as:

1. What is methadone?
Answer: Methadone is a synthetic opiate that is legal and long lasting. It is used in the treatment of heroin dependant people to help them stabilize their lives.

2. Is methadone more addictive than heroin?
Answer: Although withdrawing from methadone takes longer than heroin, methadone is not more addictive. Gradual withdrawal from methadone is virtually free of discomfort.

3. Does methadone rot your teeth & get into your bones?
Answer: Many heroin addicts do not take care of their teeth but find, when stabilized on methadone, they become aware of these things. The ‘sore bones’ is usually due to prolonged ‘cold turkey’. Also one of the side effects of methadone, like many other medications, is that you may experience ‘dry mouth”, this can make your teeth more prone to the production of plaque, which is a major cause of gum disease & tooth decay. Regular brushing & flossing can remedy this. As for ‘sore bones’ or ‘bone rot’ this is usually a symptom of too low a dose. ‘Bone ache’ which in turn feels like ‘rot’ is methadone withdrawal can be corrected by an adjustment of your daily methadone dose.

4. Is methadone dangerous?
Answer: Methadone when prescribed at a proper dose and monitored by a qualified doctor is very safe, however it can be very dangerous if used inappropriately. Do not give or take methadone if it is not prescribed to you, this can lead to overdose and even death.

Please read our constitution which can give you a better understanding of our goals.

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